Painting Residential property Roof in durban


We have undertaken to paint our valued Client Mrs Thobile Ghoba Residential property home which is located Glen Ashely, Durban North suburbs . We have done a complete external make over for our client but fisrts Lets start with the Roof Painting.


Step 1 Preparation and treatment 

  • Before any paint work can commence the first step for a long lasting paint job for external painting is high pressure Washing the Roof. This is a key to function that will determine how long the coating will last. During this clean up we flushed the gutters and downpipes as well leaving no dirt on the surface.
  • This property have a metal IBR roof. So it was prone to have surface rust in some areas. wherever rust is visible due to its age. We had To manually rub these rust affected areas using a wire brush and a light duty grinder.
  • Rust contamination on the roof screws had to be removed amd replaced with new this reason being this property is near the durban coastline.
  • Once rust has been removed we then treat these areas by applying  a Plascon Rust proof.


Step 2  Waterproofing

  • This process is tend to be skipped by most painters as not all painters are trained and have knowledge in the waterproofing field.
  • A Team Painters having the experience and Well trained staff both in waterproofing and Roof coating always recommended the waterproofing application is a key importance before roof coating.
  • So let us get back to work. We then prepared the surfaces and applied A rubber waterproofing coating over all Roof screws.
  • Checked the flashing quality and had that done as well.

Step 3 Roof Paint Application

  • Now it’s for the fun part. Painting is loved by many however simple it may look its Not. The key ingredient in long lasting Paintwork is the application.
  • After a full on prep work on the roof we applied 2 coats of Charcoal grey Liquid Rubber coating. The grey colour roof with medium grey on walls is just Beautifull it compliments the new meduim grey that we have painted on the walls. That we will show on our next post Colour #grey is the new trending colour.


Client Satisfaction

We have completed this project and have beautified and rejuvenated our clients home. Mrs Thobile was fascinated with the end result and is amazed how a new Paintwork had transformed her her home. we are @ateampainters it brings joy to see our clients happy.

Once again A TEAM PAINTERS has made yet another property owner in durban a happy client.



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