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Painting and Waterproofing durban

Over the years Durban weather has not been promising. Like back in the days we’re durban was know for its warmth environment.

Variations in the weather can negatively impact the quality of a Good quality Paint Job, especially when it comes to external painting. Durban known for its High Humidity & Extreme  Hot summers and of recent years its cold winters, our dry Season and the heavy rainfalls in Spring wet days. They all have an impact on Painting External Surfaces.

We at A Team Painters Durban and Damproofing Contractors, we know the perfect and worst time of year to take on a painting job.
A Team Painters we boast of our years of Expertise, Experience and knowledge and to get the best results, regardless of the season durban has to offer.

For Internal painting the best time of the year to have you home painted can depend on a number of factors for example the type of paint that is being used. Wether it’s solvent based paint, polyurethane paints, these type of products releases heavy harmfull fumes so you wouldn’t want to apply them during a time of year when you can’t leave your windows and doors opened.

[Cold winter days and nights].

So be sure to Contact us for your next home renovations, painting or waterproofing and we can offer you spot on advice.  Best Painting Contractors in Durban.

we can determine perfect time of year to do either Exterior or Interior painting




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